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 [NEWS] 120901 MBLAQ members compare Mir to a centaur on ‘All the K-Pop’

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PostSubject: [NEWS] 120901 MBLAQ members compare Mir to a centaur on ‘All the K-Pop’    Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:25 pm

MBLAQ‘s Mir has been ratted out by the other members to frequently walk around completely naked in the group’s dorm.

Mir, who is one of the MCs of MBC’s ’All the K-Pop‘, was put in an embarrassing situation when his fellow members joined him on the show as guests and revealed his secrets.

The MBLAQ members made and appearance on the “Idol Lyricism” segment, and revealed the members they didn’t want to share rooms with. It was the soft-spoken Thunder who remarked, “It makes me uncomfortable sharing a room with maknae Mir. While we were overseas for a performance, I had to share a room with him. I felt so uncomfortable because Mir would sit down with his legs spread open while only wearing his underwear.”

The other members further chimed in saying, “Mir normally never wears anything when inside the dorm. He probably decided to at least put on underwear since it was in front of Thunder,” breaking the studio into laughter.

Mir’s embarrassment didn’t stop there as the members continued, “It’s probably because since he has such a great body, he wants to show it off. His thighs are especially well built, so it’s like his top half is human while the bottom half is like a horse,” comparing Mir to a centaur and once again causing the set to burst into laughs.

Although initially shocked by the members’ comments, Mir soon got over it and confidently showed off his sturdy thighs by rolling up his pants. MC Boom and Park Jae Min then remarked, “You are indeed a centaur” and gave him thumbs up.

Also in this episode, the MBLAQ members were ranked by their chest sizes, which is the symbol of being the “ultimate man”, and also battled for the title of “dancing king” performing dances of groups who were popular in the ’90s such as H.O.T, Sechskies, and Deux.

Source : All Kpop

MBLAQ will be forever in my heart ! I LOVE MBLAQ SO MUCH I love you

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[NEWS] 120901 MBLAQ members compare Mir to a centaur on ‘All the K-Pop’
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