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 [NEWS] 130123 J.Tune Camp confirms that Lee Joon indeed wrote the post himself

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PostSubject: [NEWS] 130123 J.Tune Camp confirms that Lee Joon indeed wrote the post himself   Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:23 pm

After a bit of wait, J.Tune Camp has now confirmed that the mysterious post left on the official fan cafe was indeed written by MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon himself.

The agency has sent out a press release with their official statement, revealing the story behind the post.

They began, “It is true that the words revealed on the official fan cafe were written by Lee Joon himself… It happened while Lee Joon was handling a packed schedule and was in the process of trying to negotiate his opinions with the agency.”

“Lee Joon has been telling the agency about the importance and sincerity towards one stage, one project, and standing in front of the public as he carries out music activities, variety shows, dramas, and his movie, and he requested for enough time to be given to focus on whether it is project activities or music stage activities.”

They continued, “We were unable to reflect on Lee Joon’s opinions during the busy schedule, and although Lee Joon was trying to show a more sincere self to the public through the conditions he set, in an exhausted state, words he wrote out of emotion ended up being rashly revealed.”

J.Tune Camp wrapped up by commenting, “Lee Joon’s stress was great, and although we are a bit embarrassed and in an awkward position that these types of feelings have been publicized, as his agency family, it is something we can understand… We will work to more thoroughly manage his schedule so that he is able to focus on his activities to the level of his determination and sincerity, and also do our best to manage conditions so that he can do so.”

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, a post had surfaced during the early hours of January 23rd written under Lee Joon’s name on their official fan cafe, which had stated, “Am I a robot? Who do I keep doing this for….? I put up with it as long as I could, and I have something called opinions too. Has anyone genuinely apologized..? I feel sorry for fooling people in an obvious way, I’m human so I can’t act out lies that are obvious.”

Although he deleted the post, screen captures began to spread, leaving netizens and fans concerned, with some believing that the idol was talking about ‘We Got Married‘. J.Tune Camp responded that they would be confirming with Lee Joon to see if the post had been written by a hacker or by Lee Joon himself, and they have now followed up with their official statement – revealing that Lee Joon had written the comment out of frustration with his busy schedule and wishing to be given more time to focus on each project.

Source: Star News, Hankooki & AllKpop

MBLAQ will be forever in my heart ! I LOVE MBLAQ SO MUCH I love you

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[NEWS] 130123 J.Tune Camp confirms that Lee Joon indeed wrote the post himself
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