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 [FAN ACC] 120322 MBLAQ at Mcountdown Rehearsal

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[FAN ACC] 120322 MBLAQ at Mcountdown Rehearsal  Empty
PostSubject: [FAN ACC] 120322 MBLAQ at Mcountdown Rehearsal    [FAN ACC] 120322 MBLAQ at Mcountdown Rehearsal  I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 5:03 pm

MBLAQ at Mcountdown Rehearsal

I went to MCD for my part time job today.
I was already in the studio where Mblaq would record their stage.
All the other A+ were waiting out in the hall.
They were waiting for the camera rehearsal to be over.

But our blaqies did not know that..
So when they appeared on stage they started bombarding with questions all at once!! lol
"Is this our rehersal?!"
"R we recording this now?!"
"did none of our fans come?!"
"R we doing this by ourselves?!"

LOL soooo CUTE! kekeke
The assistant director was like "could u ask one at a time??"

Seungho & G.O both asked once & Joon asked last:
"Did none of our fans come??! ㅜㅜ" <- was clearly upset!

hearing this me & my friend went "Your fan is rite here!! MBLAQ!!! kkkyyyyyaaaaa!!!!"

Joon goes "ohoh...!! HELLLO!!! I know you frm this is war!!!"

(I was part of the This is war orchestra for their performance so he recognized me!! Very Happy )

Mir was already in his position but looked up at Joon's mention n took the mike to his mouth n 'thoughly' said hello!! & greeted me! yeah~~!

BUT it was not over!!
G.O & Joon kept on asking & looking for Aplus!!
(where r they? r they not coming? etc.)
That is y today I was sooo touched & happy!!
I did not get to see the actual pre-recording of MCD but at least I caught our blaqies before the recording and witnessed their never ending love for Aplus!!! Very Happy
Mblaq looked soo happy today & so was I! Very Happy

Source: 방미르전쟁이야
Translation: Hairi KA+ (@Mroaming)
Reup: crispee @ mblaqattack.net

[FAN ACC] 120322 MBLAQ at Mcountdown Rehearsal  Tumblr_m1lroy4WKk1qg4314o5_250 [FAN ACC] 120322 MBLAQ at Mcountdown Rehearsal  Tumblr_m1lroy4WKk1qg4314o3_250

queen ~~Loving u forever king ~~~ I pray for U~~ king
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[FAN ACC] 120322 MBLAQ at Mcountdown Rehearsal
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